Coordinates …Floral Friday

Floral Friday often gives me a break from composing an essay.  Instead, I get to indulge one of my other passions, filling interesting pottery with flowers or dried plants. 

I spent part of yesterday looking for flowers that will blend well with the containers I had chosen for projects.  The containers are tints of the three primary colors. Red, represented by pink, yellow, brought out by a bold hue, and blue in a very light shade.

This predominantly pink, mid 20th century, Hull planter is a great foundation for bright or dark shades of pink.  The effect is brilliant color to brighten up cloudy, rainy spring days.  This is not an arrangement for the tame of spirit.

The department store vase decorated with large sunflowers is hard to ignore. Not only are the colors coordinated, but so are some of the blooms.  To do this right, I needed to start out with similar sunflowers. For now, I used a couple of other species for variety.  In the summertime, I think I’ll go with a generous cluster entirely of sunflowers.

After the heat of shocking pink and sunny yellow, I need to cool the vision.  The very low-key blue of the 1940 vintage McCoy vase is home to a cluster of cool green Gerbera Daisies, interspersed with large, creamy roses. When I created this, I wanted a dish of lime sherbet.  I held back and didn’t buy a carton, though.


The Blue Jay of Happiness wishes you a colorful, happy weekend.


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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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