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“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”–John Lennon WWJLS? equals What Would John Lennon Say? The Beatles invaded America and captured millions of fans. I became one of their adoring fans during the Ed Sullivan Show broadcast of The Beatles … Continue reading

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An Old Cool Idea

Early last weekend the parking lot at the gym was marked off by traffic cones and yellow caution tape.  I stood at the front door waiting for the Y to open.  I glanced at the door and noticed a sheet … Continue reading

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Small Pots …Floral Friday

Nearly everybody I know is pinching pennies these days.  With the topsy turvy economic conditions, that’s understandable.  If you’re looking around for a personal gift or if you want to brighten up a room a little, this is the bluejayblog … Continue reading

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Milk Chocolate Day

Happy Milk Chocolate Day!  What’s not to like about today unless you’ve run short of your supply of milk chocolate?  Note, this is not simply chocolate day, today is devoted only to the recognition of the contributions and happiness that … Continue reading

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I inherited the trait for weak teeth so I am a frequent visitor to my dentist.  I’ve used the latest toothpastes, gels and brushing systems.  Different types of flosses and rinses have graced my medicine cabinet, too.  I tried the … Continue reading

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I’m No Einstein

As much as I admire Dr. Albert Einstein’s life and works I was a bit miffed that he detested science fiction. Einstein believed that sci-fi distorts pure science and deludes readers into thinking they possess scientific understanding. The good doctor … Continue reading

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Split Seconds

The ambient temperature and relative humidity have been at uncomfortably high levels lately. A fellow gym rat and I observed that even the air conditioned gym feels clammy, too. The discomfort has affected our performance and times regarding our Expresso … Continue reading

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