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It’s Floral Design Day

The act of arranging flowers for display or floral design is an ages old art form that crosses cultural boundaries. Archaeologists have even found evidence that ancient Egyptians offered arrangements of flowers to the gods. Then, as now, design traditions … Continue reading

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On Temporariness

I glanced at the calendar this morning and noticed that today is the second to the last day of the second month of the year already. This is a reminder about how swiftly time passes. It doesn’t seem like New … Continue reading

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For Pete’s Sake!

While waiting for a downtown traffic signal to turn green, the driver of the pickup truck behind my car started honking her horn repeatedly. I glanced at the signal and noticed it was still red. The pickup’s horn honked again. I … Continue reading

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So Sensitive

I was perhaps nine or ten years old when my paternal grandfather overheard my eldest cousin tease me about being too sensitive. He pulled me to his side and said something to the effect that it is a blessing to … Continue reading

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To Scapegoat

If we observe social structures, it seems that most of them have sacrificial characters. In the modern era, the scapegoat is the person or subculture that is conjured up to bear the blame for the shortcomings of everyone else. In … Continue reading

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Option Paralysis

The problem began when I decided to reward myself for some major accomplishments. A new wristwatch seemed the thing to fill the bill. It’s been quite awhile since I last bought a nicer watch. I cannot justify nor afford a … Continue reading

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Animal Planters …Floral Friday

On windy, cold days, it’s comforting to handle old belongings. Seeing and working with familiar items brings calm to stormy inner feelings brought on by the outside storm.  I brought out three planter vases styled after animals because they are some … Continue reading

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