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Nebraska… The Good Life

When I moved back to Nebraska after several years living elsewhere, I scoffed at the highway signs at the borders proclaiming “Nebraska… The Good Life”. On the face of it, a lot of people think this flyover state is mediocre, … Continue reading

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Buttons Have Been Pushed

Savoir-faire has gone out of fashion lately. I think savoir-faire is an elegantly beautiful skill that belongs in everyone’s social toolkit. Savoir-faire is knowing what to do and what to say in any situation. A synonym for savoir-faire is “tact”. … Continue reading

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It’s Tempting To Be A Curmudgeon

A lot of us like to let off steam by griping and otherwise talking like a curmudgeon. At our strongest moments, we resist that urge. During our most frustrating moments, we may give in. Since today is National Curmudgeon Day, … Continue reading

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Lions On My Mind

I don’t put much stock in conventional pop-analysis of dreams, but I still have a couple of nagging questions about dreams. Why do we really have dreams? Do they actually mean anything? The main dream in question happened around 1:00 … Continue reading

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A Few Reflections About The Holocaust

That there are still Nazis, Klan followers, and vast numbers of people who deeply hate humans of various categories is almost as disturbing as the Holocaust. This indicates that humanity as a whole does not or refuses to learn the … Continue reading

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No Discouraging Words

Earlier this week, the weather conditions were warmer than normal, the wind speed was low, and the sky was mostly clear. This put me in the frame of mind to enjoy a stroll on the “Cowboy Trail” southwest of Norfolk. … Continue reading

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Unconventional …Floral Friday

I feel drawn to things that are somewhat minimalistic and unconventional, even though I’m not even slightly a minimalist. A simple unexpected style statement can inspire me for an entire day or even a week. I put together three projects … Continue reading

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