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Inauguration De La Tour Eiffel

As a student, I learned an amazing factoid about the Eiffel Tower, in my Introduction to Radio 101 class. The tower was scheduled to be demolished at the end of the Paris International Exposition’s 20-year lease in 1909.  Officials decided … Continue reading

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Take A Walk In The Park Day

The Summer had been unusually hot and dry for the Southwest coast of British Columbia.  For the past week and a half, I’d been hitting all the tourist spots of Vancouver and much of the outlying area.  I had three … Continue reading

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Something About Vangelis

Some of my favorite musicians simply do not lend themselves to categorization.  Most of them, though, utilize electronics and synthesizers to create their masterpieces. A few of the artists, whose music frequently appear in my stereo, are Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, … Continue reading

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Damaged Goods …Floral Friday

When garage sailing or attending auctions, I usually encounter some attractive, unique items.  Because I enjoy old pottery, I end up picking up an item or two that has been damaged in some way.  While chips, cracks, or repair will … Continue reading

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Defy The Darkness (Review)

One of the joys of browsing through shelves of used books is the discovery of a title that promises to be an exceptionally good read.  When I pulled out the copy of Defy The Darkness:  A Tale Of Courage In … Continue reading

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Wisdom From Viktor Frankl

While rereading Dr. Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, I wondered why nobody had thought to make his birthday an official holiday.  Certainly there are commemorations that honor the memory of the Holocaust and the millions of victims.  But a Victor … Continue reading

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During much of my life, I’ve ironically criticised the United States as being a nation of critics.  I’ve also realized the hypocrisy of thinking and saying this. But all of us are hypocrites from time to time, just because we’re humans. … Continue reading

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