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Shameless Self-Promotion

Do you ever watch the YouTube personal “vlogs” that  seem like bragging videos?  Sometimes I stumble across “vloggers” whose main reason for creating videos is to show off their lifestyle. We’re “treated” to tours of their apartments or homes, vehicles, … Continue reading

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Puffing Billy

Hubert Cecil Booth would probably been fascinated by my old Dirt Devil hand vacuum cleaner. Booth is responsible for the first powered cleaning machine that moved and retained dirt. For a very short time, Booth’s powered vacuum cleaner was the … Continue reading

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We Like Chop Suey

Chop suey, made from scratch, is one of my “comfort foods”, one of my guilty pleasures. I like chop suey because it tastes yummy and is easy to prepare. It was not always one of my favorites, because I used … Continue reading

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A Visual Brainstorm …Floral Friday

I decided to break free of the hum drum August Doldrums by indulging a creativity streak.  I was itching to do some projects that break convention.  You might say that it was time for a visual brainstorm. An old fancy … Continue reading

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In the early days, they weren’t called zippers, nor were they “morally acceptable” to a certain crowd of self-righteous critics.  Moral crusaders proclaimed that the convenient fastener was a corrupt invention that made it too easy to remove one’s pants.  … Continue reading

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Be Kind To Humankind, Another OpEd

As the perpetual US political campaign season has heated up again, I now want to send the bevy of presidential hopefuls into a corner to don dunce caps and take a long time -out.  Every four years, the public is subjected … Continue reading

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Let Go

I awoke naturally at my normal, early time a couple of Saturdays ago, then sat down at the desk to check emails and then post something new for bluejayblog. That’s when I discovered my Internet connection was broken.  I called … Continue reading

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