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With Passion

“Men are rather reasoning than reasonable animals, for the most part governed by the impulse of passion.”–Alexander Hamilton I happened upon the above quote while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. It was instantly relate-able not only to social media culture, … Continue reading

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In Control

For the most part, fears are paper tigers. For the vast majority of us, it’s deciding to act upon what we imagine. The fact is, we can do almost anything we decide to do. Nike Corporation co-opted the phrase “Just … Continue reading

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In Alignment

During our happiest moments we might have feelings of gratitude about completion, wholeness, and union. When our actions are in agreement with our values, we are aligned. Most of us only fully realize this idyllic state of mind occasionally, not … Continue reading

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Windmills Of Wayne County

I recently drove the short distance from my home located in Norfolk in Madison County, Nebraska to Wayne, in Wayne County, Nebraska. I had not been in Wayne for a couple of months so I was surprised to see a … Continue reading

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Almost Antiques …Floral Friday

This is the time of year we transition into different weather. We witness wild swings from wintry to spring–back and forth. For this reason, I want some old pottery around the house at these times. Is it comfort stuff? Today, … Continue reading

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To Listen

Yesterday afternoon, a garbage truck was compacting a load of trash; a large dog was barking; some squirrels were scolding a stray cat; a neighbor continually revved the engine of his Ford Mustang; a robin was chirping; and an ambulance … Continue reading

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During my childhood our family would have a waffle supper a few times each year. Mom stirred up extra-large bowls of batter and placed the waffle iron on the breakfast nook table. The waffle iron was already a near antique … Continue reading

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