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This Is Floral Design Day

Naturally, I want to use the last post of February to salute an activity that I find very rewarding and enjoyable. Floral Design Day is a commemoration that I always celebrate in a real, physical sense. In this instance, I … Continue reading

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Variété de Février …Floral Friday

The short month of February is nearly through so I haven’t had quite the same amount of time to develop a singular theme, as in other months.  There has just been so many events and commemorations to consolidate them into … Continue reading

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Something About Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill Cody remains a legendary figure in the American past.  His legacy is a reflection of changing mores and a projection of contemporary celebrity.  There are towns with his name and even the NFL team, “The Buffalo Bills” of … Continue reading

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Affronted Or Fascinated

Two of the reasons Jorge and I are such good pals are our parallel personal histories.  Even though we grew up in different cities and vastly different ethnic backgrounds, our drives to satisfy our curiosity helped to define us. Both … Continue reading

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Pull Your Sofa Off The Wall Month

I spotted the name of the special observance on my events calendar and was immediately puzzled.  The phrase seemed a bit discordant and clumsy.  I wondered if its origin was British.   I don’t know anybody who has their sofa attached … Continue reading

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Happy Canned Food Month

Sometimes I think about the old part-time job at a grocery store during my college years as a stockboy, many years ago, when I look at the cans of food in my kitchen. We young men cut the tops of the cardboard cases … Continue reading

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Animal Farm (Review)

I spent the morning of my 16th birthday helping out at the Bobby Kennedy presidential campaign headquarters.  Duane, one of my fellow volunteers, arrived, then handed me a birthday gift without any wrapping paper.  Duane said he wanted me to … Continue reading

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