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March Finale’ …Floral Friday

The month of transition from wintery to springlike draws to a close today.  We shall soon find out whether “March winds and April showers will bring forth May Flowers”. Until that happens, I have a few projects to tide us … Continue reading

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Out Of Habit

I drove the ol’ Camry into the garage, switched off the engine, and thanked the car for a safe, pleasant journey. These mundane actions are what I do without much awareness after arriving home from an out-of-town trip. Yesterday, my … Continue reading

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Those Things Called Words

The mind does peculiar things during meditation.  Yesterday my monkey mind veered off onto the subject of words.  Specifically, a visual image of a childhood toy popped into play.  It was a round, red plastic thing about the size of a 33 … Continue reading

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Appreciate Weeds

Now that Nebraska weather is transforming into warmth again, it’s time to brace myself for lawn care season.  Fortunately, most of my neighbors are not lawn purists.  Like me, they haul out the mowers every week or so to shorten the … Continue reading

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An End To Racism And Discrimination Is Possible

The American Anthropological Association’s statement on race says, “Physical variations in the human species have no meaning except the social ones that humans put on them.” I say we’ve put some real doozies on the variations. Skin color, hair, and … Continue reading

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Why? Explaining The Holocaust (Review)

When I first noticed Dr. Peter Hayes’ new book displayed on the shelf, I thought, “How come yet another book about the Holocaust?”  Yet, the title caused me to pick it up and to bring it home, anyway. At the beginning … Continue reading

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Act Happy?

The piped music at the supermarket where I was shopping yesterday included Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.  Just hearing the tune triggered memories of 1988 when I was going through a very rough time, romantically. McFerrin’s song was topping … Continue reading

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