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On Floral Design Day 2023

There is no rational reason why most of us enjoy the sight of flowers. Beauty is a subjective, yet social construct; and flowers come under that category. One can contemplate flowers in the same mindset as one can contemplate the … Continue reading

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Understanding One’s Own Faults

Today I tip-toe around a topic that is imbedded with emotional triggers for many of us. That is the subject of fault-finding. It’s easy to criticize political figures, celebrities, and other people we do not like. However, if we spend … Continue reading

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Forever In Blue Jeans?

Yesterday, Andy and I were discussing fashion. My friend had gotten down a tangent about denim jeans. Going down this rabbit hole is understandable because denim blue jeans dominate the world’s market for pants. When we observe people in public, … Continue reading

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Engineers I’ve Known

Besides my father, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing several engineers. There were dad’s civil engineering colleagues at the Nebraska Department of Roads; the broadcast engineers at the radio stations where I’ve worked; two electronics engineers at Hewlett-Packard; and my … Continue reading

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Dried Variety …Floral Friday

I decided to randomly select a few vases at random for this week’s projects. This was desireable because it’s been a very busy week around town and at my home. I had visitors from northern South Dakota as guests for … Continue reading

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The Seed Of Greatness

Andy brought up the topic of noteworthy people in his life. My friend included people he personally knew along with historical leaders. My friend’s quick list included two of his old high school teachers, a neighbor in his childhood hometown, … Continue reading

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It’s Supermarket Employees Day

I often see Lucas stocking the refrigerated produce display cases at my neighborhood Hy-Vee Supermarket. He’s a cheery 40-something guy who was hired by the supermarket last summer. I first met Lucas when he worked part-time at the Goodwill Store. … Continue reading

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