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Long Distance AC Inaugurated

How often do we think about the electrical power we use each day in our lives?  We flip on lights, charge our devices, control the heating and cooling of our homes and businesses, and so much more with electricity. The … Continue reading

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On Thanksgiving last year, I took a calculated risk and drove the ol’ Camry through a moderate snow storm in order to celebrate the holiday with my sister. The further I drove, the weather conditions became more severe. Before long, … Continue reading

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Cider Monday

Last year, my town’s last general interest book and entertainment store went out of business.  I feel sad that I can no longer casually browse through stacks of books, magazines, and other interesting merchandise then bring something home right away to … Continue reading

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When, in our quieter moments, we ponder everything and everyone together, we notice the interdependence and contradictory aspects of the Universe. It’s interesting that the struggle between this and that determines the formation and life of everything.  Opposites push development … Continue reading

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High Hanging Fruit (Review)

I usually avoid books about business unless I’m looking for dull material to read before bedtime at night. So, I wandered over to the business book section of the Norfolk (Nebraska) Public Library to find reading material to get my … Continue reading

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What Is This Thing? …Floral Friday

The peculiar pot was displayed on top of an old industrial television cart all summer into the autumn at my favorite thrift store.  When I first spotted it, I picked it up and asked one of the store owners, “What … Continue reading

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A Holiday For Gratitude

I think that it’s fitting that the calendar placement of Thanksgiving is before the rest of our traditional holidays. I’m glad we don’t cram Thanksgiving into one of the days between Christmas and New Years Day. Carefully contemplating gratitude and enjoying what we … Continue reading

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