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Fist Bump Or Handshake?

I first met Parker in a casual manner last month when my friend Jonathon introduced him when we encountered him on the street. We chatted for a few minutes then Parker continued on his way to wherever he had been … Continue reading

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To Commit

The stories of American minority groups seems to be those of progress towards full social equality; underscored with the scenario of two steps forward and one step back. When each success is finally achieved, we wait for the other shoe … Continue reading

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Considering Circles

I spotted my old “Pre-Calculus” textbook on the bookshelf yesterday and smiled as I recalled that I had never put that knowledge to practical use in my life. Dad had strongly suggested that I should try to develop a love … Continue reading

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Pondering Joy

Scientific research and development has made it possible to assess and quantify human happiness in several ways. In addition to simply interviewing and observing people, clinicians can measure electrical activity in our brains. They are able to assertain whether we … Continue reading

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As I wound up one of my old wristwatches this morning, I could feel the tension building up in its mainspring. The long, flexible strip of metal provides all of the energy that powers the rotation of all the gears, … Continue reading

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Innovation For Teeth

I sat reclined in the patient chair in the dentists’ clinic waiting for the dentist to arrive to examine a troublesome tooth and reinstall the crown that had fallen off. Her assistant returned to inform me that the doctor wanted … Continue reading

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Modernistic Projects …Floral Friday

Today’s projects do not break new ground into the avant garde. Instead, these are dialed back towards conventionality with a bias towards contemporary style. They are done with only the slightest nod towards commercial viability. As is often the case, … Continue reading

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