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Memorial Day 2021

Fewer than half of surveyed American citizens know that Memorial Day was instituted to honor individuals who died while serving in the U.S. armed forces. Approximately one-third of those surveyed were unsure of the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans’ … Continue reading

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I enjoy checking out the end-caps of shelves at the stores where I shop. The end-caps are where retailers place advertised specials, merchandise they want to sell in bulk, and discontinued items. I’ve found handy gadgets on the discontinued items … Continue reading

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Mental Busywork

I once worked at a small town grocery store. The work atmosphere was mostly pleasant and I liked my coworkers and the customers immensely. The single most unpleasant part of the job happened during slow business days. We had to … Continue reading

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Dry Minimalism …Floral Friday

Today we have three extremely simple, easy, minimalist projects. You can follow along if you wish. I chose three basic, unadorned vases to keep the foundation pieces simple. I then brought out some dried stems and grasses that have been … Continue reading

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It’s The Heat And The Humidity

The inevitable heat waves have finally settled into place in my little corner of Nebraska. We had a short encounter with hot weather at the beginning of this month, but the cool weather reasserted itself. In the meantime, I had … Continue reading

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Sweeping Generalizations

“Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.”–Edward R. Murrow In this age of the Internet and perceived time compression we are often tempted to believe slogans and to agree with sweeping generalizations. Perhaps these tendencies are a … Continue reading

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Peace Through Truth

After skimming through the day’s headlines, I powered down the tablet and leaned into the sofa. I shook my head at the reports of war, violence, and propaganda across the world that I had just read. I know that humans … Continue reading

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