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My friend Anders is getting ready for the big Valborgsmässoafton celebration in Uppsala, Sweden tonight.  It’s a holiday that I faintly remember being talked about by some of the elder family members when I was still a kid. One of … Continue reading

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The Last Oldsmobile

The massive advertising campaign proclaimed, “Not your father’s Oldsmobile”.  Except for brand loyal drivers, the public didn’t bite.  The oldest car brand in America couldn’t shake its stodgy image. The car company was acquired by General Motors in 1908.  Its … Continue reading

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Workers’ Memorial Day

Most of us don’t know the tremendous loss of life that happens to workers while they’re on the job.  Each year, more than 1,100,000 working people, around the World, die at work.  Statistically, the vast majority of the fatalities happened … Continue reading

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The Demise Of Il Duce

Benito Mussolini and Fascist Italy take the backseat in the vehicle of World War Two history as taught in America.   Likewise, the downfall of Mussolini is given obligatory mention, as well.  Most of us were not taught that Mussolini was … Continue reading

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For A Civil Union

The first baby step for the United States to catch up with much of the western world, regarding human rights, took place 14 years ago in Vermont.  The heated debate included the three touchy topics of politics, sex, and religion.  … Continue reading

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Fun With Finds …Floral Friday

I went shopping without leaving the house or using the Internet.  I made a short descent into the basement to browse one of the plastic “tote” containers to see what I’d forgotten from the past. I often place items into … Continue reading

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The Hubble Space Telescope Is Launched

Many of us can probably remember how and when we became interested in the night sky. The feeling of curiosity about the Moon, the Planets, the stars and galaxies seems instinctive to me.  People have studied the heavens before the … Continue reading

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