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Yardwork Again

“The key to a nice-looking lawn is a good mower.  I recommend one who is muscular and shirtless!” –anonymous beefcake admirer– Well, I don’t think I qualify as that sort of lawn mower, but I somehow manage to get motivated … Continue reading

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Shawnees Are Done …Floral Friday

Monday’s bluejayblog featured four pieces of Shawnee pottery. Today I can show you how they’re used. At least how I use them. Some folks just clean up a vase or a planter then place it on a shelf. If the … Continue reading

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Two weekends ago we had a freezing rain and snow storm in Norfolk.  Not only did this make for some dicey driving conditions for a lot of folks, but I couldn’t even get the car out of the garage.  Some … Continue reading

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The smirk on my personal trainer’s face made the accomplishment sweeter.  I know that I was grinning ear to ear when it happened.  When the event clicked officially into place, the energy in the gym seemed to glow as fellow … Continue reading

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Self-Destructive Behavior

Out of accident, on purpose or by default, us humans seem bent upon killing ourselves.  I know that’s not news, but it bears repeating from time to time.  Daily, people kill themselves and others by either design or inattention. This … Continue reading

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Some Shawnee Pottery

One of the most collectable of U.S. potteries of the 20th Century is product from the Shawnee Pottery Company.  In spite of being in operation for only 24 years, the company created thousands of pieces of pottery and wares.  The … Continue reading

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DIY Continuing Education

Encyclopedia, atlases, magazines, old textbooks, non-fiction and fiction books have been my companions as long as I can remember. As a boy, I enjoyed the contents of my toybox as much as any kid, but I’d usually gravitate towards some … Continue reading

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