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Hostiles & Friendlies (Review)

Some of the best books about frontier life in the Great Plains of North America were penned by women like Laura Ingalls Wilder and Willa Cather.  Often overlooked are the writings of Mari Sandoz.  I don’t know why Sandoz gets … Continue reading

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Royal Haeger Panthers …Floral Friday

Today, I continue a mini-salute to Haeger Potteries to commemorate their 145th anniversary and their unfortunate decision to shutter their business.  In particular I decided to deviate from my usual Friday format a bit. My all-time favorite Royal Haeger item … Continue reading

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Workers’ Memorial Day

I’m astonished regarding the daring of crews who build and maintain broadcast towers.  I once watched workers paint part of the free-standing WJAG tower west of Norfolk, Nebraska one afternoon.  The men looked like spiders as they went about their duties.  … Continue reading

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Love Yourself Some Jazz

I’ve written before, that I deeply enjoy music of various genres.  Much of the expansion of my musical tastes has come about out of professional necessity. The last AM radio station I worked for used to broadcast “Block Programming”.  That … Continue reading

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Emotional Security

Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, or maybe from something we see or hear, we feel the tug of insecurity, deep in our guts. Who among us hasn’t felt the unpredictability of our emotional lives? Even the people who outwardly seem … Continue reading

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Nachtsender Radio 1212

During international tensions and war, propaganda is a key ingredient for governments on all sides of a conflict. The first effective large scale use of covert broadcasting propaganda occured in Europe, during the Second World War. By the 1930s most people … Continue reading

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Sky Awareness

Aside from astronomers and meteorologists, I posit that people in the Great Plains of North America pay more attention to the sky than most other folks.  I base my opinion upon general observation of midwesterners and people who live elsewhere. … Continue reading

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