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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.

Out From The Masses

The old idiom about not being able to see the forest for the trees is a common saying refering to people or organizations not being able to see the big picture due to too much focus on details is apt. … Continue reading

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Well, we’ve made it past Thanksgiving and Black Friday–two days when we are encouraged to feel and behave in particular ways. On Thanksgiving, we’re expected to gather in family groups and display thankfulness whether or not we feel grateful. On … Continue reading

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Blue Accents …Floral Friday

This week, I came across a bargain price for miniature blue peonies. This was an offer too good to pass up, so I snagged a dozen and a half of the blooms. Ideas about how to utilize them began developing. … Continue reading

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Much Obliged

I recall watching old cowboy and western movies during my youth. On some of those films, genteel men expressed gratitude by saying, “much obliged”. This manner of expressing gratitude was impressive and seemed especially formal and classy. It seemed to … Continue reading

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I prefer to think of myself as a rational thinker, but that’s just a figment of my overactive imagination. While I strive to investigate situations objectively with a journalist’s perspective, the objectivity sometimes slips away and emotions replace my judgement. … Continue reading

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On Family

Sooner or later we realize that it is important to truly enjoy our lives. We come to understand that it is futile to wait for something to bring us happiness someday in the future. The future is a concept that … Continue reading

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Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

Yesterday I observed the World Day of Remembrance for Road Victims with a special meditation on suffering. The unofficial holiday began as a European Federation of Road Traffic Victims in 1995. A decade later, the Remembrance was adopted by the … Continue reading

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