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March Equinox 2023

The old iris bulbs near the back door sprouted late last month but have not grown beyond a few inches tall. They await the March equinox, when it will be more safe to extend upwards. Within a few weeks, the … Continue reading

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Transgender Struggle

As a transgender child, my friend Shane felt alone and isolated while living in our small Nebraska city. she searched for people like her because she believed she was the only transgendered kid in this part of the state. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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So Awkward

At the funeral reception for one of his cousins, Jonathan overheard a conversation about the deceased person, Ron. A sister asked the acquaintance when he last conversed with the person. The acquaintance stated that he and Ron discussed his vacation … Continue reading

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Meanderings Whilst Cleaning …Floral Friday

The ideas for today’s flower projects popped into my mind while vacuuming the living room carpeting. The thoughts were triggered by the need to temporarily move chairs so the vacuum cleaner could pick up dust bunnies and crumbs. I decided … Continue reading

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The Plague Of Censorship

Restricting access to books and knowledge is how tyrants try to control the social narrative. This has been proven time and again throughout history. However, this fact has taken a backseat during the current uptick in the culture wars. Cancel … Continue reading

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Lettuce For Christmas

This seems like a strange memory for this time of year, but it popped into my mind yesterday anyway. A minor event happened at the radio station’s holiday party in December of 1992. (I verified it with an old diary … Continue reading

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We can blame certain mobile phone and Internet habits on dopamine rushes. (See last Sunday’s post “Outgunned”.) We can blame algorithms and AI for others. We can also learn to retake control of our precious time through awareness. The new … Continue reading

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