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The Right To Know

The wood filler epoxy I used to repair the window frames on my house have a strong, stinging odor. The product instructions warn that the material is highly toxic and has been designed for use outdoors or in well-ventilated situations … Continue reading

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The woman spoke forcefully of honor, virtue, and faith. She pointed to her vows and conflicts with primal desires. She expressed herself with practiced eloquence very convincingly. The speaker had a charismatic, personal presence that appealed to a certain form … Continue reading

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It was one of those ho-hum afternoons yesterday, so why not sort through some baseball-style caps? There are several dozen that have accumulated over the years. A few of them are favorites, and several are caps to wear for variety’s … Continue reading

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This Week’s Experiments …Floral Friday

Now that the seasons have changed, I feet like expressing the shifting moods of this time of year with varied approaches to late September. There are still weather hints of the warmer seasons yet coolness predominates. The dark blue glass … Continue reading

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Pondering Nostalgia

I touched upon the life of a recently departed acquaintance a couple of weeks ago on this blog. One of his ironic quirks was that he had a dim view of nostalgia. Perhaps he had this attitude because of his … Continue reading

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The Energy Of Autumn

The equinoxes more than the solstices satisfy my imagination. I try to reserve extra time during each equinox to contemplate and meditate upon the Planet Earth and my small place on it. Yesterday’s equinox was no exception. The day was … Continue reading

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“We’re afraid to be alone, everybody got to have a home. Isolation.” —John Lennon Side one of “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band was on the turntable with the stylus tracking the fifth song, “Isolation”. I’m not sure why I had decided … Continue reading

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