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Civil Mindset

The polarization of the U.S. citizenry and of Congress along with the increase in slander and libel by popular commentators and political leaders are stains on the fabric of our political system and a violation of the basic principles of … Continue reading

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May Is Stroke Awareness Month

I should begin with a disclaimer. I am not trained in any medical profession, nor have I attended any type of medical institution. I am only someone who writes blog posts about what I have observed. If you want or … Continue reading

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To Meditate

“Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.”–Voltaire I have often wondered about the types of meditation Voltaire may have practiced. His insights about human awareness and consciousness hint that he more than dabbled in … Continue reading

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A former Roman Catholic priest once shared his views about a concept similar to happiness that he learned during his schooling. Edward mentioned eudaimonia during an intimate discussion with my friends group at a birthday party gathering a few years … Continue reading

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Fancy …Floral Friday

Earlier this week on flower project day, I dressed up for a funeral wake to honor an acquaintance. The funeral home is near the downtown district of town, so afterwards, I swung by the supermarket to purchase a few grocery … Continue reading

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One can cite favorite references to explain that a certain politician is benevolent and is only interested in the public good, but if someone counters with other references that hint that the politician has the potential to be a narcissistic … Continue reading

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Snag Yourself Some Leisure

Sometime in my career, my attitude slowly shifted away from living to work into working to live. This was subtle and went back and forth for awhile. Eventually this means to an end solidified and has become a mostly unconscious … Continue reading

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