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That Smile

While skimming through the shirt racks at the thrift store, my attention was averted by the sight of a senior Hispanic gentleman. He wasn’t one of the regular customers, but I’d seen him once before, perhaps a couple of months … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2022

Today is the official celebration of Memorial Day. Today reminds us that sobering numbers of our nation’s service people sacrificed their lives for their country. It is important to remember that they swore an oath to protect our nation from … Continue reading

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Give And Take

I’ve noticed a peculiar set of coincidences that frequently occur regarding my interactions with thrift stores. In particular, whenever I drop off a sizeable batch of belongings at the Goodwill, I later go into the store to browse, and discover … Continue reading

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While scrolling on the Web through photos of ridiculed cars this week, I came across a picture of the maligned Trabant. The decrepit cars were manufactured in East Germany as the only automotive option for citizens of the German Democratic … Continue reading

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Mid Century Luxury …Floral Friday

Mid 20th century style has so far, remained chic for over a decade into the 21st century. It has largely kept its status due to clean, simple styling, and unfussy details. With that in mind, I decided to display a … Continue reading

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I water my bamboo palm once per week, perhaps twice if I remember. The plant grows fast and bushy. It fills up a cubby corner in the bathroom because I don’t know where else to put it. Sometimes, I give … Continue reading

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Nerd Pride

Because today is Nerd Pride Day, I decided to go full on nerdy. One manifestation of this urge, was to look into the unofficial etymology of the word “nerd”. Before the word was coined, there were other derrogatory terms for … Continue reading

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