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I must admit that I did not know the definition of the word “boundaries” until four years ago. Of course, I knew about geographical boundaries such as those between nations and states. I also understood the boundaries as the limitations … Continue reading

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Cheesecake Day

Boyfriend’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I decided to prepare his favorite comfort meal. He has simple Midwestern tastes and seriously loves the “home-style” cooking his mom used to prepare for her medium size, Catholic family. That … Continue reading

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Oppressively Positive?

With the plethora of┬áchirpy feel-good slogans in the world, we are left with the implication that if only we think positively enough and act pro-actively enough the “Universe” will make our fondest wishes come true. We also encounter the contemporary … Continue reading

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So Passive

“Sunday is the most passive day of my week.” A young friend made that statement a few days ago while we enjoyed coffee in my kitchen. The friend said it in a resigned, dispassionate manner. I asked, “Why do you … Continue reading

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Day Of Lament

My friend Jorge sent an email earlier this week with a topic idea for this blog. Because we think alike regarding such subject matter as civil liberties and the significance of historical events, he thought I should look into the … Continue reading

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Distinctively Interesting …Floral Friday

A few containers of note happened into my collection earlier this month. Each one is a bit out of the ordinary in one or more ways. Naturally, I wanted to use them as floral foundations. The goblet shaped piece is … Continue reading

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Know Your Star

“What about your ruling star?” Without preamble, my young friend Jonathan asked this out of the blue. I wondered if he meant one of the stars in the evening sky, or was he curious about the ruling astronomical body in … Continue reading

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