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The Offensive Automobile

The old car in the YouTube advertisement video triggered a sense of revulsion that chilled me to the bone. The car dealer, “Country Classics” of Staunton, Illinois posts videos that appear in my Facebook feed. The videos feature a different … Continue reading

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In The Pink …Floral Friday

I sometimes get inspiration from the most banal things. The other morning, while wiping down the cabinets in the bathroom, I noticed that a tiny bit of the white paint had worn away over the years. There was an inch-long … Continue reading

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Harsh And Inflexible

They are like the fragments of eggshell overlooked when preparing an omelet. They interrupt the pleasure of living. We’ve all met and known at least one person who is rude to others and nearly impossible to impress. On a good … Continue reading

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Time Flies

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”–Carl Sandburg It’s common for people … Continue reading

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Inner Illumination

My former guru cautioned his students to remain skeptical of their own enlightenment because it could very well be just another ego trip. Indeed, if a particular state of mind is judged to be high on an hierarchical scale of … Continue reading

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On Self-Control

The bare minimum of living in society is to abide by laws and rulings. The statutes and other orders are enforced by police and other authorities by the threat of punishment if the rules are disregarded. For the most part, … Continue reading

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Great-grandma Katy slept upright in an upholstered chair instead of her bed each night. She had explained to me that lying down caused discomfort but sleeping upright allowed her to sleep soundly. Her habit came to mind early this morning … Continue reading

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