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It’s Time!

Even if we try to escape the pressure that we perceive from time-related elements like deadlines by listening to some mellow music, we haven’t escaped the effect of time.  It seems like everything we do or know of relates to … Continue reading

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The USSR Is Formed

I’m not quite sure why some of us are drawn like moths to flames when it comes to our attraction to dangerous ideas and places.  If I were to travel to Russia as a tourist today, I would likely either … Continue reading

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Everybody Hurts

Jorge called for me to come into the kitchen for breakfast.  On the table were two large, steaming bowls of “Coco Wheats” cereal. I laughed and said I hadn’t enjoyed it since I was a little boy.  Jorge winked and said I … Continue reading

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Iowa Admission Day

I’m of  the opinion that the state of Iowa represents the transition of the western frontier of the post colonial United States into the post Civil War midwest.  Just looking over a list of Iowa place names, a person gets … Continue reading

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Double Barrelled …Floral Friday

For quite awhile, I used to feel a little trepidation whenever I encountered a vase with two openings.  I’d somehow gotten stuck with the idea that both openings had to be equal and show a formal balance.  I’d had some … Continue reading

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Unofficial Boxing Day In The U.S.

The holiday called Boxing Day appears on some of our calendars in the United States, but is only officially celebrated in Canada, the UK, and much of the rest of the old British Commonwealth.  I’ve covered Boxing Day in an … Continue reading

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A Short Entry For Today

I know today is a busy one for most of us and that we don’t have a lot of time to be reading blogs.  Yet, I remembered a topic that I wanted to touch upon today.  If there is much … Continue reading

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