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Inspired By Art

Have you ever paid close attention to your own emotions when you view a beautiful painting, sculpture, or photograph? What about the joy you feel when listening to a truly great piece of music?  Do you frequently feel the ambiguous, … Continue reading

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Season For Nonviolence

Anger and the urge to attack or counterattack seem to be built-in responses in inter-personal relationships.  However, throughout the centuries, wiser people have demonstrated that violence need not be automatic. There seems to be a simple yet difficult choice that … Continue reading

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More Solitary Acts …Floral Friday

The elegant simplicity of a single flower is often overlooked, except in the case of a rose.  This view was accentuated in last week’s offerings.  The idea begged an encore appearance for this week’s Floral Friday. I took three different … Continue reading

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This Is Hobby Month

There was one hobby that connected a neighborhood friend, my brother, and me in a close bond.  All three of us loved to assemble model car kits.  We didn’t just glue them together and place them on shelves, either. We … Continue reading

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Victims Of Nazism

There should be no denial of the fact of the genocide of Jewish people during the regime of Adolf Hitler and his diabolical political machinations. Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps. The … Continue reading

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Some Dental Handpieces I Have Known

I have dim memories of the first time I was the patient in a dentist’s clinic.  It probably happened in the autumn sometime in the late 1950s. The clinic was more of an old office than a gleaming, modern place. … Continue reading

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Another Opposite Day

Happy Oppposite Day, or maybe not.  Sometimes I like to think about the contrarians in my life but other times I deny the existence of contrarian attitudes.  Is today the day to think about dichotomies? Have you ever wondered if … Continue reading

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