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Meteor Day

Most of my readers know that I love to celebrate arcane holidays.  For me, the less sense it makes for a holiday, the better.  At first glance “Meteor Day” or “National Meteor Watch Day” or “Watch Meteor Day” is a … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

I’ve confessed in a few earlier bluejayblog posts that I used to be hooked on self-help books and auto-hypnosis tapes.  Like many people, I wanted a pleasant, ideal way to pull myself out of the rough, personal problems I’d been … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Pride Month

A good share of LGBT Pride Month stories and articles begin with mention of the Stonewall Riots in New York City.   Instead, I want to quote Thomas Jefferson.  One of his most famous warnings, is one of my favorites.  “The … Continue reading

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Thème de Couleur …Floral Friday

There are times when a very simple, overall color theme is desired with floral arrangements.  An eye catching, pleasant look is accomplished by harmonizing all of the elements of the arrangment, especially if one closely matches those elements.  I decided … Continue reading

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US Superhighways Begin

I remember getting a phone call from dad in October of 1974.  He announced that the State of Nebraska became the first state to finish all of its mainline Interstate highways.  Dad had reason to be proud of this fact, … Continue reading

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The Last “True” Packard

Dad used to tell me that it was too bad that I came of age at a time that Packards were no longer built.  He remembers when the owning a Packard meant that you were an elite member of the … Continue reading

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Siam To Thailand

Many of us imagine the land of Siam as an exotic, almost fairytale-like land of mystery.  The modern version of that image is fueled by Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical “The King and I” and its film version.  The American version of … Continue reading

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