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To Be Honest

Because this post reflects upon the concept of honesty, I should probably set the record straight about how I largely came to my views about the importance of this virtue. That is, like most humans, I learned about honesty through … Continue reading

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Some Vintage Night Slides

Yesterday was a stay in the house day because of unpleasant weather. While pondering the situation, I decided to go through another carousel of old slides. After all, I have a projector screen that I found on eBay from someone … Continue reading

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The Biological Clock Is Ticking

One of the biological clock alarms went off in my body a couple of weeks ago. You could say it was one of those wake-up calls. It was a sharp pain in my left knee that appeared while climbing the … Continue reading

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April Vases …Floral Friday

This month seemed to get a late start this year if the beginning of April is judged by present Nebraska weather patterns. We still had blizzard conditions in parts of the state half-way through the calendar month. Our non-snow days … Continue reading

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Gotta Have A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The electric cooking iron has two sets of steel plates that can be swapped out for different purposes. You could say it is a convertible iron. One set is used to prepare waffles. One set is intended for grilled sandwiches. … Continue reading

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Hearing Noises

Just a few moments ago the furnace cycled off then a second later there was a “boom” noise. It was the sound of the sheet metal ductwork returning to its resting shape. Over the past few years, the combination of … Continue reading

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Another Human Rights Post

I was not born an activist. I don’t seek out controversy. It seems like I was backed into a corner early in life. This is how many members of minorities came to care deeply about human rights. Yes, here’s another … Continue reading

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