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The life symphony, opus 2019 is in the last segment of its finalé. Has the piece unfolded as promised during its prelude this January? Did your personal orchestra have a dream to play? Was it an intense vision? Were there … Continue reading

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John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” I love that little proverb because it’s a little snippet of wisdom that brings my mind back to reality when this business of life screws up again. … Continue reading

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Contemplating Spirituality

My friend Nicholas (not his actual name) sighed, “I think it’s best to see situations as they present themselves.” He had pulled me aside last week because of the recent unhappy breakup with his girlfriend. “She said, ‘the only thing … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

The final countdown of remaining days of the year is in progress. We only have a fraction of a week left of 2019. This observation is “dated” because it will be obsolete in only a few days. If you are … Continue reading

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Blue Glass …Floral Friday

Blue is the most popular primary color in our culture. Red is polarizing and thematically represents heat, agitation, and anger. Yellow is an ambiguous color, people enjoy the yellows of certain flowers and sunsets, it also comes to mind regarding defective … Continue reading

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After the conclusion of the violin concerto, the public radio announcer back-announced the piece by Antonio Vivaldi. The announcer confessed that Vivaldi is one of his favorite composers. He said that Vivaldi’s effulgence was manifested in his numerous compositions for … Continue reading

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Holiday Togetherness

The end of December is the time when people seem more open-hearted and kind. Our celebration of Christmas and the numerous other December holidays, might account for much of this positivity. In the Northern Hemisphere, December coincides with wintertime–a time … Continue reading

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