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I Was Wrong

There’s a popular expression that many of us like to use regarding fault-finding. “When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself.” One could also say that the … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Followers

The rebellious nature of teens is betrayed by their desire to copy their peers’ fashions. My sociology professor said something to that effect one day in class. The thought has remained with me all of my adult life. He did … Continue reading

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Our Local Library’s Expansion

I’m fortunate to live in a small Midwestern American city that allows its public servants to serve the citizens. This fact inspires and encourages city departments and concerned citizens to formulate, implement, and improve actual physical improvements to public infrastructure. … Continue reading

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Have A Buddha Bowl

She made Buddha Bowls before Buddha Bowls were cool. My step-mom could not shake off all the parts of her traditional Thai female role. Although Tippy had Americanized herself regarding fashion, popular culture, and career, her true domain was the … Continue reading

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Frustrated Desires

The daydream took place in Egypt. I had projected my mind back to New Years Eve 1999 and was in a sea of hundreds of thousands of people. The event was one I had wanted to attend but the realities … Continue reading

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A Handle On It …Floral Friday

I used to be very obsessed with mugs and steins. I’d pick one out at each gift shop while vacationing. Attend a sporting event, there probably was a mug to go along with it. The same went for charity fund-raisers, … Continue reading

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Mentoring Nick

A beautiful thing about friendship is that we are presented with opportunities for learning from and teaching our friends. A former coworker, *Mindy, presented me with a learning opportunity that changed my life in a big way. One afternoon, a dozen … Continue reading

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