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Post-Postmodern …Floral Friday

The term “postmodernism” is bandied around a lot by many art and philosophy critics.  Postmodernism is one of those overarching concepts regarding skeptical interpretations of everything from the arts, to culture, to literature, and even economics.  Many people, including this … Continue reading

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Kansas-Nebraska Act

So many people have the belief that Nebraska and Kansas are two boring states in the middle of the continental United States and that they didn’t really have much of an historical impact on the nation as a whole.  I’m … Continue reading

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Rite Of Spring Premiers

Many of my friends wouldn’t truthfully say that a ballet is revolutionary.  But critics in the know, call Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite Of Spring” one of the greatest works of art of the 20th Century.  Today is the 100th anniversary … Continue reading

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The Cessna In Red Square

An aide to Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, Anatoly Cherniavev, said, “Imagine an incident like this happening before Gorbachev’s time. There would have been no dialogue. He would have simply been lined up against the wall and shot the next day.” … Continue reading

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The Anthropoid Mission

Rarely do I enjoy reading make believe horror novels nor slash fiction.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy some cartharsis through reading. But that fiction is rarely as heart chillingly, horrifying than non-fiction accounts about the human monsters who have … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of Victor Hugo

The words of Victor Hugo appear in various types of literature and are often cited in motivational and political circles. He accomplished the task of being incredibly intelligent while achieving intense popularity during his own time.  His major works are … Continue reading

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Geek Pride Day

The first time I was ever exposed to the word “geek” was while listening to the “Dr. Demento Show” on the radio. He played a record by Freddie Blassie called “Pencil Neck Geek”. While it was supposed to be funny, … Continue reading

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