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Asteroid Day

If nuclear proliferation or global climate change don’t wipe out sentient life on Earth, an errant asteroid might do so. That was my thought when I stumbled across the reminder that June 30th is International Asteroid Day. Most of us … Continue reading

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Fancy Bowls …Floral Friday

The bowl was possibly the first utensil made by early humans. The bowl could hold water for drinking and food for eating. It might also be said that bowls were possibly the first containers to hold flowers. Through the ages, … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Delays

To delay can be a downside or an upside in our lives. We can all probably remember when we were presented with an opportunity but procrastinated with our decision to accept it, the wait was too long then the opportunity … Continue reading

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Ruminating Or Worrying?

Dad’s worrying was a microcosm of humanity’s thinking. He knew that I was aware of his habit of worrying. He was fond of saying that he didn’t actually worry, he ruminated. Just the act of writing those sentences is to … Continue reading

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Rebuilding A Life

Norfolk, Nebraska is a town where people are from more than being a town where people are coming to. At least this is what it seems like to me. One of my ex boyfriends moved to Texas and another relocated … Continue reading

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Schultz observed the conversation between Andy and me last Thursday. First he looked at Andy as my friend spoke, then Schultz watched me as I spoke. Schultz is Andy’s German Shepherd. I commented on Schultz’s behavior because I have rarely … Continue reading

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To Pause

For a few minutes, stand or sit in silence. Ponder something from the natural world like the sky or a tree. Then remember how amazing it is to be alive. If I would ever create a meditation app, the short … Continue reading

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