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Expatriot Blue Jay?

Well meaning friends have often asked why I don’t move to their cities.  I have been on the receiving end of invitations to visit and live in several cities that are located out of the United States. Certainly I would … Continue reading

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Time Well Spent? Two

Yesterday I touched on assessing how we spend the precious hours we are alotted as living, breathing human creatures.  There are many ways to use those hours. When we’re young or even when we’re older but mindless, we think we … Continue reading

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Time Well Spent?

My personal trainer, Trevor, checked up on my cumulative workout statistics yesterday.  He looks really official with his clipboard and pen in hand.  I sort of wish he wore a whistle, but he’s not a P.E. teacher or basketball coach.  … Continue reading

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Small Pots …Floral Friday

There are many times when a person only wants a small, but striking accent for the desk, bedroom, shelf or some plain corner that just needs a splash of color.  Those are what those small vases and planters do well.  … Continue reading

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Viva la Revolución

  The fellow riding the Expresso workout bike next to me at the gym today made the comment that he’s noticed so much bad news on the Internet and teevee lately.  I was curious about his statement because I can’t … Continue reading

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Station Wagons

 My pal, Jorge has been suffering through problems with the cooling system on his Chevy Suburban SUV all this winter.  We’ve been brainstorming and scratching our heads looking for a satisfactory resolution of this more and more expensive, frustrating conundrum. … Continue reading

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Bursts Of Creativity

Do you sometimes feel like sketching something, even stick figures?  Maybe you like painting with watercolors, tempera, oils? Maybe you fool around with clays.  Cooking?  Tinkering with machinery or gadgets?  Carpentry?  Metalwork?  Crafting? Gardening?  I could list several topics and possibly … Continue reading

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