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We live on a mostly hostile, but beautiful planet in the hostile but magnificent Universe. It’s wise to remember that nature and the Universe do not have any partiality towards us. Left without out our devices, tools, and shelter, humans … Continue reading

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Tradition is a touchy subject in any era. We often forget that traditions derive from the precedents of their times. This came to mind after seeing a friend’s photograph on Facebook. His adopted son had turned nine-years-old. The photo depicted … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

A notation for Saturday in my day planner reminded me to begin spring cleaning. So, I hauled out my trusty old Hoover vacuum cleaner to check the filter bag. It was nearly full, so I need to purchase another package … Continue reading

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A family elder once remarked that it is essential that people should make a habit of self-examination and self-criticism; being careful to be aware of our fantasies of fame and fortune along with other mental distractions. My great-uncle seemed like … Continue reading

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Speech And Actions

“The true meaning of your words is not what you say, but what you do.”–Frank Sonnenberg One of my uncle’s favorite sayings was, “Whatever can be said but not practiced is better not said; what can be practiced but not … Continue reading

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Basic Planters …Floral Friday

On a whim, I decided to bring out three mid 20th century planters this week. The idea was to create a some pleasant, long lasting room accents to replace several that needed dismantling. I’d also have a little fun in … Continue reading

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Careful Discernment

“There is a solid satisfaction in one’s having and being conscious that he merits the good opinion of men of true discernment and real worth. But to have a name among the weak and the wicked is shame and reproach.”–American … Continue reading

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