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Overview Effect

At dusk a few evenings ago, I pondered the sky after a cloudless sunset. Light blue tinged with faint orange were fading to darkness in the west. The black of night was asserting its dominance in the east while creeping … Continue reading

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Reflections For Ethics Awareness Month 2022

Many of us rely upon someone or a belief system when formulating our personal sets of ethics. This may range from the fear of punishment by authority figures or an omniscient being on the one hand to philosophical learning and … Continue reading

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Acknowledge The Wins

This is daily bluejayblog post 4,070. I don’t mention the number so as to receive massive kudos, I could have fished for compliments at 4,000, 3,000, or 2,000 posts. I mention the number today to illustrate a point. Although none … Continue reading

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As springtime asserts more warmth, my thoughts turn towards finally improving my yard. I’m making tentative plans about flowering bushes and what barely passes for a lawn. In previous years, my house was a rental unit and my former landlord … Continue reading

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Dressing Up

Getting dressed in the morning is a philosophical, mindful process each day. Although I choose the garments before bedtime the previous night, I still scrutinize my choices as I put them on in the morning. Even though I no longer … Continue reading

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Measured Optimism

“The Lusitania is a monument to this optimism, to the hubris of the era. I love that, because where there is hubris, there is tragedy.”–journalist and non-fiction writer, Erik Larson Although our times are trying and I’ve experienced some sadness … Continue reading

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Late March Experiments …Floral Friday

I get a bit antsy around this time of year and want to climb outside of my comfort zone. I can do this while causing no harm to man nor beast by tinkering with unorthodox floral techniques. There’s nothing radical … Continue reading

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