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Pondering Inspiration

The Casini view of Saturn from the perspective of its North Pole has been the desktop wallpaper on my laptop for a few years. The photograph provides inspiration each time I boot up the old computer. I had some extra … Continue reading

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That Wind

The snow followed the confines of the street as it flowed like a gentle creek from the northwest towards the east. The undulating, wavy pattern was mesmerizing. Next, a billowing cloud of snow appeared from the north like a tidal … Continue reading

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Repurposed …Floral Friday

Today’s projects are the result of wild hairs on the brain. The inspiration came about after replacing a light fixture globe that I was very tired of seeing. It seemed like the glass part should be used for something before … Continue reading

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Pondering Privacy

“This website stores cookies on your device. These cookies are used to improve your browsing experience and to provide more personalized service to you–both on this site and through other sources. To find out more about this policy, see our … Continue reading

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Remembering The Holocaust

In the presence of oppression and tyranny, by not speaking out, we lose our innocence and morality. At no time in history was this statement more true than during the nightmare of the Holocaust. “The sad and horrible conclusion is … Continue reading

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On Vacationing

There was no way to personally search for the extra camera memory card. I’m sure I lost it in the rental car. I was returning from vacationing in Toronto, so I couldn’t return to the rental agency to request that … Continue reading

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The dark makes the light meaningful. Negative allows the positive to become electricity. Tension is relieved by calm. Error is corrected by truth. Our mental worlds exist in a sea of opposing concepts. Sometimes when the mind is idle, it’s … Continue reading

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