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Circular …Floral Friday

Serendipity ruled for my choice of Floral Friday theme today.  While looking for a floral frog, I pulled a few vases off the shelf for easy access.  After I found the errant mechanical, I glanced at the array of vases … Continue reading

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Martyr’s Day For Gandhi

The story of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination has been retold countless times.  Religious fanatic Nathuram Godse waited for the father of modern India in the crowd gathered at Birla House (aka Gandhi Smriti) in New Delhi.  Around 5:15 on the evening … Continue reading

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Yugo’s Demise

“Yu*go (yoo-go) n. 1) Small, economical, Yugoslavian-built automobile. 2) 4×4 hood ornament. adj. 1) What doesn’t happen when you press the accelerator.” Do you remember the boxy little cars that were manufactured in Yugoslavia a few years ago?  How many … Continue reading

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Data Privacy Day

I’ve noticed that whenever I apply for some sort of service, like insurance or utilize a medical clinic that I receive some sort of privacy statement.  I always look them over, but I know that whatever the document contains, my … Continue reading

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Some Holocaust Memorials

I take time out, at this time each year, to study and ponder the implications of the Holocaust. The extent of the crimes, altogether, is too much to take in all at once, so I usually focus on one aspect.  … Continue reading

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The afternoon sky was grey, overcast with heavy clouds. The icy, North wind penetrated the twelve year old boy’s arms and legs, as he stretched and massaged his muscles to prepare for the start of the 100-yard dash.  The boy and … Continue reading

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The Echos

If you’re familiar with those small shiny, metallic Mylar plastic party balloons, you can imagine balloons of a far more massive size made out of much the same material. Aerospace and atmospheric scientists originally thought up the idea of using large, … Continue reading

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