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Come On People Now

The musical refrain “Come on people now, Smile on your brother, Everybody get together, Try to love one another right now.” Has been looping on my mental jukebox the past several mornings. The version of “Get Together” most of us … Continue reading

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Cat And Coffee Time

The calm of this Sunday morning is comforting as I ease into consciousness. I sit on the porch step waiting for “Orange”, the cat who is here nearly every morning for his snack and early human companionship. I wonder if … Continue reading

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“If flowers are the sex organs of plants aren’t we voyeurs of plants?” Jorge was playing the Devil’s advocate but his question was an interesting one. He went on to ask that despite our somewhat relaxed contemporary attitudes about sex, … Continue reading

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Salvaged …Floral Friday

The end of the month is near, that means tidying up, and consolidation of stuff. This month I decided to go through some pottery that has seen better days. Could they be used again or would I donate or discard … Continue reading

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Ego Tripping

The Leo male is the “King of the Zodiac”. The Leo manages to find himself in the limelight more frequently than not. The way to infuriate the Leo is to snub him. The Leo’s main attribute and also his biggest … Continue reading

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Tune-Up Time

The twice per year equinoxes are when I think about tune-upsĀ for the house and for the car. Sometimes thoughts about personal tune-ups come to mind, too. The March Equinox signals the arrival of hotter weather. There will be different types … Continue reading

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Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Tailed

Rick greeted me by asking, “How are you?” I replied, “Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.” The old idiom just popped out of theĀ mouth without any forethought. My friend laughed at the unusual response then he asked why I felt so cheerful. First … Continue reading

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