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Nebraska Is My Home

It’s rewarding and enjoyable to learn something about lifestyles of the past as presented in old books.  The books don’t necessarily need to be recognized great works of literature in order to have value.  Often, something as mundane as a … Continue reading

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Good Herb Becomes San Francisco

Given a different set of factors, I’d now reside in the city that used to go by the name of Yerba Buena (Good Herb).  Maybe a another differing set of factors would have the result that the city might still … Continue reading

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The Five Precepts

I’m under the impression that most folks have some standard of conduct that acts as the framework for their personal behavior.  It might be some set of religious vows or the practice of ethical standards. There are two major reasons … Continue reading

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Data Privacy Day

Nearly everytime we want to gain access to a new online service we are asked to provide basic information.  Name, address, town and sometimes phone numbers are requested.  Giving bogus information isn’t always the solution because of data checking software … Continue reading

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Electric Pots …Floral Friday

Pottery is found in many alluring forms.  You can find antique and vintage vases and planters to post-modern expressions of decorative pieces.  Pottery has also traditionally been used for lighting purposes.  The old oil lamps of ancient culture evolved into … Continue reading

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India Republic Day

Today is a fine day to spend in New Delhi. The city and the rest of India will be in best form to celebrate their 62nd year as the world’s largest democracy. It was on January 26, 1950 that the Indian … Continue reading

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Too Loud

A friend and I were expressing gratitude that we were not enrolled in a particular exercise class at the “Y” because of the extreme levels of music and voice amplification in use.  The degree of loudness is annoying, even in … Continue reading

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