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Wear That Pink Shirt Today

Thank goodness the anti-bullying movement is a major social phenomenon in many countries around the globe these days. It’s a good thing that anti-bullying organizations and ad-hoc groups are in place and active. I mention this for two main reasons. … Continue reading

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It’s easy to feel restless and frustrated when our plans for a successful project don’t materialize or when we’re denied what we want to have. At those times, it seems like we’ve lost a fair amount of personal power. Despite … Continue reading

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Renaissance Of The Heart

Doesn’t the state of the nation feel a bit “off” lately? (The nation could be any country, but I’m thinking specifically about the United States of America.) The feeling reminds me of when you feel slightly queasy in the gut … Continue reading

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Sunday Picks

I was in the middle of culling images from my files when Jorge arrived for one of his surprise visits. He looked over my shoulder as I scrolled through the thumbnail views on the laptop. Then my friend suggested that … Continue reading

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While flipping through a pictorial history of the Beatles at the library yesterday I stumbled across a statement by a Decca Record Company executive who later chose to remain anonymous. The explanation as to why Decca turned down the Beatles … Continue reading

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Decor …Floral Friday

A decor is a unifying theme in the decorative arts. We often use the word “decor” to describe certain styles such as French-style decor, Victorian-style decor, or modern decor. When someone mentions the type of decor, we can easily visualize … Continue reading

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Skillful Speech

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This catchy little chant is one of the first clever idioms we learn as young children. In the world of four-year-old children, it’s a good bit of … Continue reading

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