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Banned Books Week

You’ve probably noticed that whenever some sort of ban is proposed or imposed, the targeted item becomes more appealing to the general public.  This phenomenon is readily apparent with media and books.  I’ve long wondered if the moralistic regimes and … Continue reading

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It’s Coffee Day

I unwrapped the birthday gift as my boyfriend watched in anticipation of a happy reaction.  Voile’!  I was now the proud owner of a Melitta coffee roaster.  I next unwrapped a smaller package and discovered a packet of raw coffee … Continue reading

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Off To Dreamland

I was in the middle of a guided tour of New York City with Charlie Brown this morning, when everything turned for the worse.  We had just finished riding through Midtown Manhattan on our blue, ten-speed bikes when we decided … Continue reading

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World Tourism Day

George Harrison or some famous person connected with the Beatles said, off-hand, “India will change your life.” Perhaps many people have voiced that thought. The idea of India and inner life has remained with me for a long time. Years before I … Continue reading

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Mindful News Consumption

The next year or so, we’ll be exposed to a media circus that may be more distracting than ever before. I ask myself, “Will I be drawn into it, or will I try to ignore it?”  A better question is, … Continue reading

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Fun Finds …Floral Friday

Who doesn’t like to discover things?  Better yet, when we find a ready use for the discovery, don’t we feel even happier?  This happens frequently to me.  Accidental finds are my cheap thrills. During a recent walk-through of the local Goodwill Store, … Continue reading

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Punctuation Day

I had my first meaningful encounter with the dreaded semicolon as a college freshman. Prior to then, I was in denial about my troubled relationship with that punctuation mark.  Perhaps, more likely, I simply had not paid attention during that … Continue reading

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