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Scotch Tape

As a kid, I used up many rolls of adhesive tape for various art projects and to repair paper and cardboard toys.  One day, mom presented me with my very own roll of Scotch tape. The metal dispenser was colorfully … Continue reading

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Probably 90% of the time I awaken each morning with a refreshed mind and body feeling like a large cat ready to pounce upon the day. I’ve come to take the feeling somewhat for granted, even though I realize nothing … Continue reading

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The Raven

Today began with its usual upbeat emotional feeling.  However, there was a niggling sensation of something slightly amiss. I pondered it as objectively as a person can at a very early hour of the morning. Later, the day continued with … Continue reading

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Data Privacy Day

Today is when we remember to get up to speed with our online security issues.  Data Privacy Day gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves with the importance of privacy and protection of our information. The worldwide commemoration of Data … Continue reading

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Holocaust Rememberance Day

To this day, people find the concept and magnitude of the wholesale murder of people by the German Nazi regime, almost incomprehensible.  Many laymen wonder how such a crime could have been undertaken in a modern European nation.  The fact … Continue reading

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So Much Hatred

If you wish to lose control of your life and allow others to place a figurative ring in your nose, be sure to allow hatred into your mind.  I cannot think of a better way to make yourself and those … Continue reading

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Exotics …Floral Friday

Maybe you’ve often noticed that a certain object or two will trigger daydreams or your imagination.  One of the holiday gifts from a friend did that to me this month.  While polishing the decorative brass vase, I sat back and … Continue reading

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