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Rebuild Your Life Month

It might seem strange to promote a commemorative month on its last day. Originally, I was just going to skip this topic altogether, because personal reflections often find themselves as a part of bluejayblog. I’m touching on the topic of … Continue reading

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Thinking About Comfort Zones

The first time I ever saw the phrase “Comfort Zone” was on the old thermostat for the furnace in my old apartment. Since then, I usually first associate “Comfort Zone” with heating and air conditioning and not the way it … Continue reading

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National Log Cabin Day

Log cabins have long been a symbol of American frontier spirit.  They have also been a part of politics in this country. Seven early Presidents were born in log cabins. The humble structures have also been used in partisan politics, … Continue reading

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HIV Testing Day

I remember the extreme suffering and fear that swept the nation and the world with the onset of the AIDS epidemic in the opening years of the 1980s. I also remember attending the funerals of several friends, including a former … Continue reading

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Unexpected …Floral Friday

Several years ago, my great-uncle Ivan said that I should be thankful for the unexpected.  It wakes us up to things we havn’t been paying attention to before. Other people often miss the beauty of this surprise.  He has been proven correct … Continue reading

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Elon Musk (Review)

To say that Elon Musk pushes the envelope is to greatly understate the man’s accomplishments. The business titan with the odd name is changing the paradigm of innovation. These days companies come out with underwhelming new apps, style changes, and … Continue reading

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Meet A Mate Week

I’ll state the obvious, right away.  The dating scene is a confusing, frustrating, often disappointing place. Sometimes, though, it works very well. These truisms are multiplied for singles over 60, and multiplied again if you’re an over 60 LGBT, and … Continue reading

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