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Human Rights Monument

I can think of many cases where monuments have been built to commemorate violence, warfare, and empire building. Triumphal arches abound, statues, memorial plaques, entire museums, and gallaries exist, in most cases, rightly so.  However, when I think about monuments … Continue reading

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A 1967 Camaro

I looked over my events calendar today and found out that today is the 47th anniversary of the introduction of the Camaro to the automobile buying public. This fact grabbed my attention for a couple of reasons. First, I enjoy … Continue reading

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The 1919 Omaha Riots

One of the most horrendous events in Nebraska history eventually led to two of Henry Fonda’s most critically acclaimed films. His performance in those films was likely the inspired result of the nightmare of violence on September 28, 1919. The … Continue reading

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Voitures …Floral Friday

Somewhere along the way, my boyhood enjoyment of assembling plastic scale model cars transformed into collecting and utilizing porcelain replica car planter vases.  This has been a largely subconscious effort.  These light-hearted planters have been manufactured in a variety of styles … Continue reading

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Kennedy And Nixon On Teevee

I was at the tender age of eight-years-old when my mind became infected with American Presidential politics.  I had been suffering from a bad case of poison ivy as a result of a Cub Scout hike, so mom told be … Continue reading

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Rothko Expressions

One of my guilty pleasures involves the enjoyment of abstract expressionist paintings.  No, I don’t have the wall space nor the financial fortune to collect them.  But there are the coffee table books and the Internet.  I especially like to … Continue reading

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The Original Steampunk Balloon

I have to admit to a little quirk that lives in the back of my mind.  I get a kick out of Steampunk.  I like the fantasy of 19th Century industrial design, when steam power ruled the west.  Of course, … Continue reading

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