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Happy Floral Design Day

Throughout the 520 or so Floral Fridays over the years, there have been quite a few misses and some occasional hits. Hopefully, my techniques have evolved since 2011. Floral Friday comes to mind because today’s global commemoration is “Floral Design … Continue reading

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Limiting Beliefs

During the past year, it’s understandable that many of us may have felt trapped with few options available for relief. It may have been the lock-down and social distancing that has contributed to this in a real way. It’s also … Continue reading

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Cocktail Time …Floral Friday

We sometimes need to take a breather and enjoy something to mellow out with. Some folks desire liquid refreshment, some of us like only to close our eyes for a few moments to make things right with the world again. … Continue reading

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Feeling Threatened

When we feel threatened it seems that we are triggered either by the mystery of the person or thing; or that we know the actual potential for harm the person or thing has. This little truism came to mind after … Continue reading

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So Inconvenient!

In the dream, I arrived at a decrepit office tower that appeared to have been designed and built in the 1960s by the Soviets. I was dressed in black slacks and a crisp, white button-down shirt with no necktie. I … Continue reading

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Worry is ubiquitous. Worry can be destructive and exhausting. Worry can also be creative. Wait! How can all of these be true? Basically, worry is our built-in technique of dealing with fear. Worry is the mind’s way of trying to … Continue reading

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To Think

We live in a confused society that has mistaken feeling for thinking. This state of being is not only excused, it’s encouraged. It is beneficial for the merchant to encourage our thinking through emotion-based advertising–caring parents buy brand A breakfast … Continue reading

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