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Private Dancer

When some catchy music comes on the radio or your device, do you tap your toes? Do you sway your body or nod your head? If you’re all alone, do you actually dance? Well, I do. I’m a private dancer. … Continue reading

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Inspired By Igor …Floral Friday

Igor Stravinsky’s “Жар-птица” (The Firebird) was playing on the stereo as I gathered materials and inspiration for this week’s floral experiments. It’s a beautifully dramatic ballet score that is a go-to piece of music I love. As the hour progressed, … Continue reading

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Ideas About Ideas

You’re in the midst of the dangerous task of driving your vehicle down the highway when a brilliant solution to a problem at work pops into your head. It’s such an amazing thing that you wonder why you’ve never thought … Continue reading

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The rental agreement for my little home requires only that I keep the yard watered and mowed. Neither the landlord nor I put in any extra effort to cultivate a mono-culture of lawn grass. In fact, he discourages a perfect … Continue reading

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Still Mad For Plaid

My all-time favorite pattern for shirt fabrics is plaid. It’s been so for several decades. It doesn’t matter what color combinations or particular line width or configuration. Plaid is just a comfort thing. If plaid is combined with flannel, you … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

A few weeks ago the ol’ Camry needed to have its clutch replaced, so I brought it to the mechanic to have the job done. After the repair was made, I parked the car in the garage as usual. Due … Continue reading

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Celebrate Democracy OpEd

When I was an adolescent, two of my big goals were visions of idealism. The first was to run for the U.S. Senate, the second was to become a journalist. The first one has been placed on indefinite hold ever … Continue reading

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