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Samhain Greetings!

It’s time again to wish everyone in the Northern Hemisphere a happy Samhain.  This is a holiday with very old, traditional roots. According to the ancient Celtic calendar, tonight is set aside as the feast of the dead.  The old … Continue reading

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Soviet Victims Of Repression Remembered

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more of an understanding about the current spate of political repression and imperialistic attitudes going on in the Russian Federation.  From what I’ve gathered, Russia has long been a harsh, primal country for the … Continue reading

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Some people have the talent for excellent, witty comebacks. Their sharp minds and senses of humor are often enviable to us.  How often have we composed the absolutely perfect witty retort to somebody’s comment…hours or days later?  Oh, if we … Continue reading

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It’s a shame that most of the world doesn’t celebrate the important holiday that is so popular in Greece.  It was on this day in 1940, that the Greek government replied, “No!” Do any of us remember being taught about … Continue reading

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Poverty Is The Worst Form Of Violence

Today, I’m going to reflect upon a subject about which most of us feel extreme discomfort.  It’s a subject that we’d rather put on hold so we can think more upbeat, “positive” thoughts.  It’s a subject that involves many disturbing … Continue reading

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Improve The World?

Self improvement has become somewhat fashionable these days. This is fine, for the most part.  There are the physical fitness programs to enhance our personal health. We have spiritual and contemplative practices to uplift us. Motivational speakers and seminars to … Continue reading

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Twiggy …Floral Friday

It’s ironic that this Floral Friday doesn’t really feature any flowers, this week.  The other day, I just wanted to experiment around with some finishing and highlighting elements. Of course, anything that can be used in a flower arrangement can … Continue reading

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