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Who Was Casey Jones?

“…Through South Memphis Yards on a fly rain been a fallin’ and the water was high Everybody knew by the engine’s moan that the man at the throttle was Casey Jones Well Jones said fireman now don’t you fret Sam … Continue reading

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International Dance Day

I heard “Go West” by the Village People or maybe it was “Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward, then, two of my favorite songs, blasting from the studio speakers at the radio station.  I couldn’t help myself, I had to … Continue reading

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Ferrucio Lamborghini

Like nearly all contemporary boys and men I have admired stylish, fast automobiles.  As a boy, I was aware of the American rivalry between General Motors and Ford admirers.  It didn’t take long until I discovered that there aren’t many … Continue reading

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What About Walter Lantz

I have to admit that when I think of Walter Lantz, I also mentally hear,”ha-ha-ha-HA-ha!”” Anyone who has seen more than a few Woody Woodpecker cartoons knows that infectious laugh.  The mischievous red-headed bird was the most famous creation out … Continue reading

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Hitler’s First Victims (Review)

I’ve often heard people ask one rhetorical question about the Holocaust in particular. How could such a thing happen in a modern, industrialized European nation?  It’s not as if the citizens were unaware of it, as some people have posited.   … Continue reading

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Feeling Sonder

Jorge and I finally found time to belatedly celebrate his birthday together.  His trucking route had been temporarily changed due to the vacation of one of his coworkers.  We were both eager to pick up from where we had left … Continue reading

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Miniature Planters …Floral Friday

From time to time, I come across vintage, small figural planters.  They are the sort of knick-knacks that aren’t quite kitsch and not quite art pottery.  They have a certain flair that makes them worthy of display.  Today, I have … Continue reading

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