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The Faces

If people anywhere in the world or the United States happen to think of South Dakota, the location that comes to mind is the mountain with the Presidents’ faces carved into it.  Most folks just know it as “the faces”.  … Continue reading

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Mischief Night

Whenever I used to hear about an event called “Mischief Night”, I always thought of Hallowe’en night.  I had no clue that the night before Hallowe’en had any particular significance whatsoever.  As junior high pupils, my friends and I hauled … Continue reading

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Regarding Julius Caesar

I agree with many historians that Julius Caesar is perhaps one of the  most wise leaders of antiquity.  Certainly his life was filled with major events.  He found himself in many dangerous situations that he managed to escape.  Living such … Continue reading

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Dedication Of Liberty

It was late one October morning several years ago when I boarded the ferryboat to take another load of tourists from Manhattan Island to Liberty Island.  I had earlier thought about skipping the visit to see the Statue Of Liberty … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking Thoughts

I’ve written about professor Stephen Hawking a couple of times.  The man and his career are so immense that a person can only touch on portions of highlights of his life.  Ever since I heard of him in the 1970s, … Continue reading

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October 26th Floral Friday

I’m in the middle of decluttering my kitchen so I’ve been finding small ways to make way for more needed indoor space with the cooler weather on tap.  It’s nice to see a few gaps here and there, the room is … Continue reading

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Some H.P. Lovecraft

The name, H.P. Lovecraft, was introduced to me in a round about way during myadolescence.  I had acquired a copy of the LSD fueled record album “H.P. Lovecraft II” from the bargain bin at a local record shop.  It was … Continue reading

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