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Equality Under The Law?

It’s summertime in America. We’re fast approaching an important anniversary for the United States. The date when the movement for freedom and equality were endorsed by our founding fathers by their signing of the Declaration of Independence. There will be … Continue reading

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Blue Skies And More

“There’s no business like show business.”–Irving Berlin Out of the blue, so to speak, I went on a Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby kick this month.  I didn’t watch all of their films, only a few of the best.  It … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw It Away

In popular counter-cultural lingo there is a term for the mass of people who simply accept, with little or no skepticism, the information that is given to them. The word is “sheeple”. Authoritarian type folks are dependent upon people who … Continue reading

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Who’s In The Mirror?

The act of looking at oneself in a mirror was demonstrated this morning at the gym.  Most gymnasia have large floor to ceiling mirrors near the weight racks and some resistance machines.  This is ostensibly for the benefit of observing … Continue reading

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There was no way around it. I looked at my calendar page and saw the looming appointment inked into Wedsday’s square. “Dentist 2:00pm”. I saw it every day ever since the page was turned to “June”. I don’t really dread … Continue reading

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A friend of this blogger made a suggestion this week about a topic that I’ve been nudging around in my head for about a year.  A subject that touches our lives on many levels with varied results.  The friend is … Continue reading

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Geometric Containers …Floral Friday

Frequently a person just wants to make a simple, basic, contemporary statement with flowers.  When I want to leave behind the figural vases, theme planters, dressy comports and jazzy flower pots, I go with basic geometry when selecting a container … Continue reading

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