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Assault By Meteorite

The next time you settle in for a cozy nap, you may not want to think about today’s post. Why? 34-year-old Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama had been feeling a bit under the weather, so she decided to take a nap on her … Continue reading

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Nap Time

I’ve noticed that the subject of naps has been in the news and on the Web a lot lately. The simple time-out or chill-time that we might enjoy for its own sake is being analyzed by medical experts. I pay attention to sleep … Continue reading

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Handles …Floral Friday

Placing handles on tools and vessels is a practice that goes back to the earliest glimmerings of mankind. Making handles that are artistic or more than purely functional is also an ancient custom. I decided to use containers with handles for all three of … Continue reading

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Ford Becomes Vice-President

The Presidency of Richard Nixon is known for its many precedents,  mostly negative. The Nixon administration was at the heart of some major Constitutionally relevant events. The most infamous were the Watergate Affair and the President’s later impeachment proceedings. One that is often forgotten is … Continue reading

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Cake Day

As I looked over my calendar of days, I puzzled over today’s special day, National Cake Day. I wondered why this particular day was chosen. Today’s proximity to Thanksgiving is the major stumbling block to choosing a day in late November for such a … Continue reading

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Czechoslovakia Dissolves

The former Czechoslovakian nation might be considered an arranged marriage. This marriage of peoples came about as many European boundaries shifted at the end of the first World War. It was at this time the Austro-Hungarian Empire fell apart. A very abbreviated version of … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Power

In nearly every nation, people are brought up in a culture of power and struggle. We are taught to put forth effort to subdue our inner nature. We must make ourselves useful for those who need to use us. Most of us end … Continue reading

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