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Forbidden Reading

Many of us see censorship as a challenge to our intellect. To forbid us from seeing or doing something is more like a dare than a warning. This fact is frequently overlooked by religious and political leaders who strive to … Continue reading

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Interesting Containers …Floral Friday

Thrift stores can yield some unique finds. This was certainly true this week. I found a few cute, interesting vessels at arms reach, practically in front of me in the stores. An applied flower with the tops of two petals … Continue reading

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As we age, it’s easy to surrender to default behavior patterns. At least this has been true for me. ┬áTo counter this tendency, medical and mental health ┬áprofessionals recommend self-care. Of course, we recognize that this does not mean do … Continue reading

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Rice Is Nice

Rice is one of my go-to foods whenever I need to prepare something relatively fast and easy. My late step-mom, Tippy, taught me a couple of super easy dishes that she learned as a young girl growing up in Thailand. … Continue reading

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Being An Ally

Jorge is a friend who just happens to be Mexican; he is not my Mexican friend. At first glance, this may seem to be a statement of political correctness. It really is not. It’s a statement of fact. We discussed … Continue reading

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Tune Up Time

Now that we’re at the beginning of a brand new season, it’s time to plan ahead for weather conditions that will become more extreme. This awareness was drilled into me in school by the industrial arts teacher and at home … Continue reading

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There are few things as infuriating than finding litter on the yard. At a minimum, each morning, I discover a beer can, or liquor bottle, or fast food packaging. Picking it up has become so routine that I crafted my … Continue reading

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