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Larger Haeger Vases …Floral Friday

On the spur of the moment, I decided to¬†wash some vases to use this week. Three of them are a bit taller than the containers I usually utilize for Floral Friday arrangements. They also happened to have been manufactured by … Continue reading

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Most of my close friends cultivate a real world perspective, there’s a healthy measure of cynicism, a certain amount of skepticism, a dash of insecurity, and occasional bouts of restlessness. These are balanced with a measure of confidence, and surprising … Continue reading

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Distant Friends

The last paragraph of an email from John in San Jose expressed gratitude for our friendship. It caught me pleasantly off-guard. The words came completely out of the blue. They weren’t in honor of a holiday or a birthday. They … Continue reading

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Silence Number Nine

I claim artistic or literary license when choosing the title for today’s ramble. I’ve pondered the topic of silence many times on this blog so this might be at least the ninth time doing so. Plus, I like the backhanded … Continue reading

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Contemplating Kindness

During these highly polarized times, misunderstandings can quickly escalate into dramatic disputes. Being disrespectful and mean are not only considered OK, such attitudes are encouraged by high-ranking officials, celebrities, and even some clergy. Hostility and unkindness can quickly infect cultures … Continue reading

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In Alignment

Occasionally I feel inspired to begin a new project or try something unfamiliar. Oftentimes I charge blindly into it, fueled on the fumes of compulsivity. After awhile, I lose steam because the project becomes uninteresting either because I find no … Continue reading

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Opened Mind

“People are very open-minded about new things–as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.”engineer/inventor–Charles Kettering Part of the problem of living in Nebraska is that when you chat one to one with many of us, we seem to be … Continue reading

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