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Creative Living

There’s the matter of joy that arises from creating something each day. At least this is something my friends group and I have noticed and encouraged over the past several years. Jonathan enjoys tweaking retail displays at his job. Andrew … Continue reading

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To Meditate

“Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.”–Voltaire I have often wondered about the types of meditation Voltaire may have practiced. His insights about human awareness and consciousness hint that he more than dabbled in … Continue reading

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Dark Skies

The meteor burned for about two seconds until its streak of light vanished. I reflexively glanced as it had appeared barely within my vision, in the east. The space rock must have been more massive than the average meteor but … Continue reading

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To Simplify One’s Life

As I typed a comment to a post on Facebook, the Opera browser went into full screen mode. I was not able to exit the resized display. The palm of a hand or a thumb must have accidentally contacted the … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

The insurance company’s policy renewal form requested that I reaffirm my identity. They required my first name, surname, and middle initial. The next line requested my home street address, city, state, Zip Code, and telephone numbers. In another box, I … Continue reading

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Contemplating Silence

When it gets down to brass tacks, I’m a very laid-back lone wolf. I like to spend winter evenings in my old, Canadian manufactured, glider-rocker with my feet propped up on its coordinated glider-ottoman. I might have a philosophical book … Continue reading

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Time To Renew

Considering the holiday season and year-end catching up, this time of year is rather hectic for a great many folks. It’s easy to forget to take the time for contemplation, and personal rest, because we feel so rushed. Failing to … Continue reading

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