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Take Care Of Nonbusiness

I’ve been a lover of the night for as long as I can remember. As a child, the dark hours positively engaged my imagination. As an adult, the overnight is my work time. I don’t alter the sleep/wake cycle on … Continue reading

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Beyond The Flow

The state of mind that is popularly called “Zen moment” is a fascinating concept. It commonly occurs when we are so focused on a task or during play that we do not think about ourselves as doing it. It’s when … Continue reading

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“I do not mind someone talking to me, as long as they do not mind me not listening or talking to them.”–― Mokokoma Mokhonoana At first glance, Mokhonoana’s statement seems a bit off. It seems to be counter to all … Continue reading

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Outdoor Meditation

It has been said that formal meditation is the act of listening to the Universe. Why not enhance the meditation by moving from indoors to the outdoors? Outdoor meditation feels natural when the weather is pleasant. A casual stroll through … Continue reading

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A Sense Of Self

While listening to one of Sam Harris’ meditation app episodes, my monkey mind drifted onto the subject “sense of self”. As I began reflecting on it, I imagined that such contemplation is a very introspective mental act. A sense of … Continue reading

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I like to invent my own “spiritual” retreats. They emulate the types of retreats monks and seekers partake. Instead of traveling to the Himalayas or to South America, I set up my music room at home as sacred space. I … Continue reading

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Joie de Vivre

The first day of a new month can represent another opportunity to dig in and accomplish something. We might feel a twinge of energy when we turn the page of the calendar. That’s one reason why I still prefer a … Continue reading

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